About us

Welcome to the homepage of the Buddhist Retreat Center Schwarzenberg.

Our center belongs to the Karma Kagyu tradition of Diamond Way Buddhism. This “Lineage of Oral Transmission” is one of the major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. This school emphasizes the direct transmission of the experience of the nature of mind which is passed on from teacher to student. This began with the historic Buddha Shakyamuni and was passed on in India through enlightened masters of meditation. In the 11th century Marpa brought these teachings to Tibet and they have been preserved there by the Karmapa Lamas since 1110.

This center is dedicated to the head of our lineage, the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje. He center was founded by Lama Ole Nydahl, the spiritual leader of our registered non-profit association. We are a center for lay people who live normal lives. Our offer includes communal living and meditation, retreats, lectures and courses. This provides an opportunity to become acquainted with the timeless methods of Buddhism and to apply them to our lives in a practical manner. Friendship and idealism makes the organization of the.center possible. Most of us are employed full time and work in the center on a voluntier basis in our free time.

KarmaKagyu School e.V. (KKS e.V.) The KKS e.V. and seven other regional societies are members of the BDD e.V. (the German Diamond Way Buddhist Association) which supports the activities of our lineage throughout the world.