30 Years Schwarzenberg

Dear friends,

we have written a bilingual book in English and German:

It describes the foundation and growing activities of our center, shows our connections and how we take care of this wonderful place. In addition there are some personal statements and wishes. On every page you can find pictures with a chronological or thematic reference.

The intention of the book is to bring back memories and to give an informative insight into the daily life at our center. The book is a big thank-you to Hannah, Ole and Karmapa for 30 rich years full of experience, insight and exchange.

It is a limited edition and you have two – if you live in Germany three – possibilities to get it:

1) You can buy it for 10 € at our shop in Schwarzenberg.

2) You can order it via email (info@zentrum-schwarzenberg.de; subject line: Jubiläumsbuch), transfer 10 € per book beforehand via bank (Payee: Shop , Note to Payee: Jubilee Booklet or Jubiläumsbuch, IBAN: DE27 7335 0000 0610 242315, BIC: BYLADEM1ALGand) and pick it up during the summer course at the EC. Please contact Zsuzsi or Susanne from the Meet & Connect team in the dining tent.

3) If you are living in Germany we can send it per post: The costs for the delivery are 3 € for one or 5 € for two books (Empfänger: Shop; Sparkasse Allgäu; BLZ 733 500 00; Konto-Nr.: 610242315; Verwendungszweck: Jubiläumsbuch).

All the best,

Your friends from Schwarzenberg